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1TaskPays - это онлайн-торговая площадка, где каждый может зарабатывать деньги, если у него есть телефон / компьютер и подключение к Wi-Fi. ... Это забавный веб-сайт, которым легко пользоваться и который позволяет зарабатывать деньги. Вы будете смотреть видео, делать оферты, проходить опросы, заполнять формы и так далее. Этот сайт является хранилищем онлайн-микрозадач. Taskpay - один из крупнейших веб-сайтов, который предоставляет услуги тем, кто хочет, чтобы проекты, их веб-сайт, учетные записи в социальных сетях и т. всем, кто хочет легко заработать, настоятельно рекомендую присоединиться к taskpay

About Bosslike

1Увеличьте показатели активности в своем профиле. Увеличивайте количество лайков / классов, комментариев, подписок, репостов, голосов и просмотров от «живых» пользователей сервиса.

Закажите накрутку подписчиков, лайков в любой популярной социальной сети. Выбирайте из каталога: Instagram, Facebook, ВКонтакте, Одноклассники, Twitter, Telegram, видеохостинг YouTube. Я настоятельно рекомендую вам сделать заказ у босса, например, если вы действительно хотите, чтобы ваша учетная запись в социальных сетях росла очень быстро, поверьте мне, и вы можете заработать деньги.
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High conversion rateZotrim is one of the best converting weight loss affiliate programs the network

Extremely well established brandZotrim has been on the market for over 15 years

Huge UK consumer awareness – once sold in stores by retail giants like Boots and enjoys consistent sales success

Most clinically-backed & proven product on the networkZotrim has undergone extensive clinical testing and is supported by five clinical trials and ten expert-approved papers published in scientific journals, making it the most researched and proven weight loss product on the MoreNiche network – and the market

Outperforms prescription drugs in trials – an impressive and persuasive USP to boast to your site visitors

Patented formulaZotrim’s natural yet highly effective formula is patent protected – no other product can use it -which means it’s a truly unique product to promote

Positive media reviews and in-depth customer success stories – further support the product’s effectiveness and gives you plenty to shout about on your site

Recent website makeover improved conversions – a fresh new design and improved copy along with a new and improved product formula all resulted in a huge conversion increase

Ongoing conversion optimisation – As a MoreNiche managed brand, Zotrim benefits from ongoing conversion improvements from our marketing experte

For more information about the product, click herezo_digital_renders_1mon_20200415_v01.jpg
Shopify Dropshipping

5 Important Dropshipping Tips for Shopify Beginners

One of the biggest issues faced by those hoping to get into the e-commerce game can sometimes seem like a nearly impossible balancing act.

The need to have to create products and keep inventory often requires cash up front. Suppliers don’t always care whether you have closed that sale and you (the merchant) will be required to pay for your stock before you’ve even sold one SKU. You can try to surmount this through pre-orders (but that’s something to be covered in another article).

By and large, it can be quite daunting thinking about where to source products from and, not to mention, the setup costs associated with buying and holding stock, the headache of handling logistics and the profit wreaking potential of damaged goods. If not done right, these can all play havoc on your bottom line.

Dropshipping can be an easy and affordable way to sidestep this barrier to entry. Here’s how:

All you have to do is take the products other people have already created and sell them on your Shopify site. When you make a sale, you pass the order to your dropship supplier and they will fulfill the order for you.

Once the order is complete, you profit. It’s that simple.

However, one of its major disadvantages arises precisely because of its advantage. Because it’s so simple to get started with dropshipping, you may be up against a huge amount of competition.

There are ways to stay ahead of the game. Here are some useful tips to help you become a successful dropshipper on Shopify.


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Entre institute Review

What Is Entre Institute About?
In a nutshell, Entre Institute is about educating people about topics such as affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and helping them to start their own successful online business.

I personally love the idea of earning a living on the internet. About three years ago, I decided to give it a try.

Fast forward to today, I earn a consistent passive income online from my affiliate websites and couldn’t be happier about it.

During these three years, I bumped into a lot of scams, schemes, and all sorts of gurus.

When I first met Jeff Lerner via webinar where he was promoting a scheme called Classwithjeff👉 https://bit.ly/3tDfyfK
Basically, it is a preliminary course for his grand scheme called the Entre Institute.

Naturally, I was curious to find out more, so I started searching.

I discovered that Jeff Learner’s company has created a lot of dust on the internet over the last few months and it seems a lot of people actually claim that Entre Institute is a scam.

On the flip side, you can find a lot of biased reviews where people who are probably affiliated with Jeff Lerner claim that his program was the best thing that has ever happened to them.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with all those other people’s reviews so I decided to dig in deeper and find out the truth about this platform. The last thing you want to do is spend $100’s and $1000’s on some scam, right?

That’s exactly what I was thinking too. So I started with the head of the Entre Institute, Jeff Lerner himself.

Who is Jeff Lerner?
Jeff Lerner is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Musician.

Jeff was born and raised in Huston, Texas, and has spent most of his early life attending classes while working on his passion, playing the piano, which got him exposed to the high-class entrepreneurs and business.

In 2008, at age 29, after multiple failures including a restaurant franchise that left him with over $400,000 in debt, he found his calling as a digital marketer (and paid off his debt in 18 months).
Thanks to this experience, Jeff has founded and co-founded several successful companies:

Xurli – an Inc 5000 digital marketing agency
ENTRE Institute – an online education company
7 Mile Digital – a consulting & lead generation company
All in all, Jeff Lerner seems like an authority figure in the world of business.

However, according to a lot of complaints out there, Jeff is a serial scammer. Now, I know these are hard words, and they are not mine. I’m just saying what I’ve heard.

As I said, there are a lot of Entre Insititute reviews where people speak about Jeff Lerner as a God, so it’s really hard to trust anyone on the internet these days.

Have you been in touch with Jeff? What do you think about him?

I personally don’t have anything against him and after going through his videos, he struck me as a good person who really wants to help people.

However, the way Jeff is doing so could be classified as a scam. In other words, he’s selling motivational courses for a small fee only to get you inside where he starts upselling high-ticket courses where the real “stuff” is.

That said, let’s see the rest of this Entre Institute review to see what products this company can offer to you.

Entre Institute Product Line
As I said earlier in this review, Entre Institute hosts a series of training program ranging from low-ticket to high-ticket systems for starting an online business.

The most popular one in the line and the main focus of this review is called The Entre Blueprint, which I’ll explain in more details in the next sections.

Entre Institute Product Line

The Entre Blueprint
This is a low-ticket training program where you can learn more about the philosophy behind Jeff’s success during six video training modules.

The Entre Blueprint is the front-end product of the company, and it costs $39 one time to get access.
What is Entre Blueprint?
In their own words, “Entre Blueprint is a six-step program for transforming your life and creating your own widely profitable online business.”

But you see, this is just an info-product where you get to understand Jeff’s philosophy and get a glimpse at what’s coming at your way after the course finishes.

Entre Blueprint

In other words, this is just a first course in line that has the purpose of getting you in. To build an online business with Entre Institute, you’ll have to follow through the upsells as shown above in the review.

The course that is going to teach you about starting your own business is called Entre Digital ($1997).

I haven’t reached that far, so I’ll show you now what to expect from Entre Blueprint course.

How Does Entre Institute (Blueprint) Work?
In this section of the Entre Institute review, I’m going to explain the six training modules that are covered with the first course in line, Entre Blueprint.

Entre Blueprint Dashboard

There are six videos or steps.

Step 1. The “3 P-s” Of An Awesome Life
The first video talks about 3 Pillars of an extraordinary life that you can get a chance to build with this training company. Those three P-s are:

Step 2. The “3 Legs” of Successful Action
In case you’re wondering, the two legs of a successful action are:

So in this course, you can learn more about how to use these three to move forward with your business.

Step 3. The 3 Phases of Building Your Legacy
This module is another round of “brainwashing” where you can hear more about three phases of building your legacy:

Step 4. Affiliate Marketing – The Lazy Person’s Online Business Model
Finally, in this training module, Jeff talks about affiliate marketing and why affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business today.

Step 5. eCommerce – High-Profit Stores Without Brick & Mortar Headache
Just like in the previous video, in this one, Jeff talks about the benefits of running an eCommerce business and how it is a much better option than running a traditional offline store.

Step 6. Digital Consulting: Converting Online Skills Into Predictable, Bankable, & Sellable Cash Flow
The last video talks about digital consulting and starting your own agency to earn an income online. Once again, nothing unusual in this video.

In addition to six videos, you get access to Business Adviser, The Awesome Life Challenge, and The Entre Nation Community.

But once again, all these features of Entre Blueprint, as well as the course itself, are strictly motivational. In other words, this course is just a preparation for the upsells that are coming after that.

However, for $39, you get access to some valuable tips and information.

Who is Entre Institute For?
As its name suggests, Entre Institute is for digital entrepreneurs. I would add that this platform is suitable for beginners interested in starting a business from scratch.

Join The Training 👉https://bit.ly/3tDfyfK



IT Digital Strategist

Corrugated Cardboard Printing

In this article, we will try to be brief, but capacious to reveal the topic of printing on corrugated board, as it is this material that leads as the basis for most packaging solutions on the market.

We have chosen to describe the following as the most frequently mentioned in the context of printing on packaging:

  • Ultraviolet printing
  • Offset Print
  • Corrugated cardboard laminating
  • Shelcography
  • Tampopech
  • Flexo print

We will briefly describe the technical principles, make a comparison of the characteristics, and give general recommendations on how to choose the optimal method of image application.

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Methods of applying images to the corrugated cardboard - basic principles

In order to consciously choose from several options, you need, at least in general, to understand what each of them is:

In fact, a UV printing unit is a printer whose operating principle does not differ from the well-known household inkjet printers. The main and fundamental difference is the use of special dyes that polymerize under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Thus, during the printing process, the pattern is first applied to the media by a printhead with injectors, which is controlled by a driver program, and then the sheet with the finished design is passed through the UV block, where the ink hardens, creating a resistant film on the surface of the media.

Consider the pros and cons of this application method.


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5 Best Real Cool Gadgets That Actually Exist

We grew up watching fantastic James Bond movies and dreamed of cool gadgets with Bond. In fact, some people think that cool spy gadgets are imaginary, but do these cool gadgets really exist and are these technologies available to the general public? Yes, they exist and are available to you.
Here we present to you a collection of cool gadgets that actually exist in the real world. So here are 5 Mindblowing James Bond futuristic cool spy gadgets that you can buy immediately.